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Latex Allergy


Common Latex Products:

Gloves, Balloons, Condoms, Diaphragms, Bandages (Adhesives), Therapy / Resistance bands, Koosh® balls, Pacifiers/Baby Bottle Nipples,Gutta, Perch/Gutta Balota (used to seal root canals), Dental dams, Orthodontic elastics, Blood pressure cuffs, Stethoscope tubing, Tourniquets, Red Rubber Catheters, Vial stoppers, Dishwashing gloves, Erasers, Rubber bands, Elastic, Spandex,Latex Mattresses

Cross Reactive Foods to latex:

High (4): Banana, Avocado, Chestnut, Kiwi

Moderate (7): Apple, Carrot, Celery, Papaya, Potato, Tomato, Melons

Low or undetermined (33): Pear, Mango, Sweet Pepper, Peach, Rye, Cayenne Pepper, Plum, Wheat, Shellfish, Cherry, Hazelnut, Sunflower Seed, Pineapple, Walnut, Citrus Fruits, Strawberry, Soybean, Coconut, Fig, Peanut, Chick Pea, Grape, Buckwheat, Castor Bean, Apricot, Dill, Lychee, Passion, Fruit, Oregano Zucchini, Nectarine, Sage, Persimmon

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